A Hole New Take on Recycling


Purchasing a great sex toy shouldn't be an ordeal.  Nowadays, to find a reasonably-priced dildo to fill your favorite hole(s), you have to make sacrifices.  Many toys designed for the budget-conscious shopper contain phthalates, a harmful chemical that can create a burning sensation in your nether region.  Sure, you can throw a condom on it every time you use it but those don't come cheap, either.

We thought there ought to be a better way, so we created Second Hand Dildos!  Many invest in quality sex toys, but move onto the next best thing before the end of their toy's life.  Rather than throw it out, what if you could get some of that money back and give another fellow human the same kind of wonderful orgasms you experienced?  Through our upcoming marketplace, you can.

Like Craigslist for your crotch, Second Hand Dildos provides a safe space to post your used sex toys in any condition you like.  Clean them thoroughly for a "like new" experience or let them marinate in your pussy and/or asshole for a fetish buyer.  You set your price, tell your story, and pass along your orgasmic wand onto the next lucky human.

We love recycling, but it's not an activity loved by all—but it would be if it gave you an orgasm!  That's our simple, altruistic goal: fuck it forward.

Fuck It Forward

Watch and Learn!